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Our audiology software solutions present you with a better way to access, review, and manage your audiometric data. Whether you need something that will seamlessly integrate with your EMR system or you simply want one centralized platform to host all of your test data, we have the solutions to meet your needs. See our below software products and get in touch with us today for more information!

AudBase Software System


AudBase is a HIPAA-compliant audiometric software solution that allows you to collect, store, share, query, print, and export your clinical audiometric data. Now available through e3, it provides you with one dedicated platform to access all of your test data, regardless of equipment brand.

  • Customized end to end solution for Audiology developed based on the specific needs of the customer
  • Proven solution with over 300 installed customer sites around the country
  • Results discrete/raw data taken directly from audiometric equipment to feed Flow Sheets (Epic), Power Forms (Cerner) or other existing tables
  • Functions independently of NOAH for collecting audiograms from GSI, Interacoustics, Maico, and Otometrics equipment
  • HIPPA compliant and has passed Department of Defense certification
  • Query and extract data at any time, keying on any data element(s)
  • Can be configured for use with LDAP
  • Role-based access permission levels (audiologist, student, technician, IT, etc)
  • Application worklist customized to each audiologist to show only their patients for the day
  • Set required elements to be collected for any audiogram before it can be saved
  • Several standard reports available with option for creating a completely customized audiogram
  • Ability to display a dynamic clinic address on the report for each location
  • Available module for collecting cochlear implant information for purposes of tracking
  • Auto-classify patient into groups – by hearing loss severity, HA candidates, malingerers, etc.
  • Internal application mail and messaging system for system-wide alerts/updates
  • Dedicated support
  • Multi-Forms available to see trending data

Unlike comparable solutions, AudBase is compatible with all brands of audiometric equipment and NOAH. This means that if you have an audiometer from one manufacturer and a tympanometer from another, you can access test result data from both in and combine them into one customized report.

AudBase seamlessly integrates with popular EMR systems to provide you with reports and raw data within seconds, saving you time that can be spent focusing on patient care. This allows you to search, graph, report, and export any data, making analysis clean and simple.

  • Completely customizable reports
  • Search parameters can be saved for future use
  • Data can be de-identified for research purposes
  • Strong user community of over 200 sites and thousands of audiologists
  • Automatic pure tone average scoring in 2, 3, or 4 frequencies
  • Print-to-Doc feature that supports all image formats
  • Ability to view past audiograms when collecting current data
  • Plot MC and UC levels
  • Inbound and outbound ADT interface with your EMR
  • NOAH integration

“The data searching capabilities of the system enable us to quickly identify patients who are being seen for specific problems (e.g., patients coming to the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Program) so that we can implement follow-up and/or conduct retrospective studies of population characteristics or treatment outcome.” – Dr. LaGuinn Sherlock, Director of Clinical Audiology, University of Maryland Medical Center

“We recently had the software interfaced with our hospital's electronic medical record system so that the patient's report can be sent directly to the medical record electronically, which has proven to be a huge time-saver for the audiology staff and wonderfully convenient for the nurses and physicians.” – Dr. Johnnie K. Bass, Lead Audiologist, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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