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Welch Allyn TM286 AutoTymp

Providing flexible screening for tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurements, and audiometry, Welch Allyn’s TM286 AutoTymp meets the testing needs of today and tomorrow.

This Welch Allyn audiometer offers tympanometry testing at 226 Hz, ipsilateral reflex measurements at 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz, and both manual and automated audiometry. 


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  • Halogen light and fiber optics enable brilliant view of tympanic membrane and ear canal before and during screening
  • Takes approximately 30-60 seconds to do a full screening on both ears
  • Choice of three screening levels:
    • 20dB HL at 500Hz is excellent for school screening
    • 25dB HL at 1000 or 2000Hz works for most types of patients
    • 40dB HL at 4000Hz is perfect for age-related hearing loss
  • Built-in 1000Hz pretone lets patients “practice” listening first
  • Testing administered to improve patient compliance


Because AudioScope 3 has three screening levels in one unit (20, 25 and 40dB HL), you can screen all of your patients with a single instrument. And the tones are presented at random intervals so your patients can’t second guess their hearing screen. This varied timing means improved results.

Welch Allyn has also built in a 1000Hz pretone, presented at 20dB HL above the screening level, so your patients have the opportunity to “practice” listening before they’re actually screened.

The Welch Allyn AudioScope 3 represents the latest in audiometric screening technology, combined with the reliability for which Welch Allyn has become known.