Interacoustics AT235


The AT235 is an automatic middle ear analyzer and pure tone audiometer, ideal for diagnostic or screening evaluations. Attractively designed with a large tilt screen display, the AT235 comes standard with an easy to install wall mount. Intuitive design, with customizable test batteries and a quick test start function directly from the probe saves test time.  The AT235 tests include standard tympanometry, ipsi & contra acoustic reflex, reflex decay, Eustachian tube function tests and pure tone audiometry.  Manual reflex testing is available and may be used to confirm/modify automated reflex results.  These capabilities provide the necessary tests for the majority of any clinic's needs.  The addition of high frequency probe tones to optimize tympanometry testing of infants is available with the AT235h model.  Report options include a direct printer output or save to a PC and generate customized reports with the Diagnostic Suite software.